The original DripFX, Quench IV Studio, opened in April 2018 in Houston, Texas. Our Founder, a nurse practitioner and critical care nurse, addressed the unmet need in the community with what she happily describes as a “hippie clinic.” Given that so many people hate coming to clinics (i.e. old sterile rooms, uniformity, lack of warmth and spirit, and the same old boring music), she wanted to address why people dreaded going. So she came up with a concept that aims to deliver an exceptional level of professional care in a more comfortable and relatable atmosphere one where guests can be their full selves.

With the help and support of her husband and family, the first 960 sq ft space was a one-of-a-kind clinic. Word of mouth quickly intrigued enough people to explore the accommodations of the clinic and hospitality of the staff so much that they would eventually love the vision enough to call Quench IV Studio their second home. Today, after serving thousands of clients in the city over the years from cowboys to celebrities, and clients who only come to us from all over the globe. We are ready to bring our Hippie Clinic, DripFX, to you!

The Original
Quench IV Studio

Video Games Make
Everything Better!

Halloween Drip Fest


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